Free PDF Book: Interviews With 23 Adult
Cochlear Implant Users From 9 Countries


Cover page of the e-book: Interviews with 23 Adult Cochlear Implant Users From 9 Countries

This e-book is a compilation of the 23 stories featured on CI Project blog to date (August 31, 2021).

I started doing the interviews in my final university semester in September 2019. If there’s only one thing I’ve learnt in this process, it is that we need to come together as a community more often. Interviewing cochlear implant users and sharing their stories is my way of bringing us together as a community.


I look forward to crossing path with more cochlear implant users and share their stories with the rest of our community. Specifically, I’m hoping to feature more stories of young adult cochlear implant users (between their 20s and 40s). This is because I’m especially curious about the kinds of workplace and family challenges they face. And how they navigate them.


Recommendations are very welcome – let me know if there is someone that you think I should reach out to!